LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected with your business network and I dare say, adding your friends may allow you to learn what amazing skills they possess and how you can help each other also. All that considered there are also some things you can do on LinkedIn that are real turn offs. 

This great piece by Pam Dyer highlights 20 LinkedIn Mistakes That Turn Off Potential Customers. One of my favs is #4.

Here are her Top 10 but visit her article for the full 20. 

Avoid these LinkedIn mistakes

  1. Don’t send connection requests using LinkedIn’s default text. Personalize them so recipients know why you want to connect with them.
  2. Don’t use the “friend” option when you’re trying to connect with someone. It’s important to provide context.
  3. Don’t forget to use a professional profile photo. Amateurish photos — or having no photo at all — reflect badly on you.
  4. Don’t ask people you don’t know for LinkedIn recommendations.
  5. Don’t ask for recommendations without personalizing them, and offer to reciprocate where appropriate.
  6. Don’t share information that isn’t relevant to business.
  7. Don’t leave your profile incomplete.
  8. Don’t neglect to send a welcome message that provides value when someone follows you.
  9. Don’t treat LinkedIn as a numbers game — you should regularly nurture your relationships.
  10. Don’t keep your contact list private; you should share it with your connections.

Thanks for the great reminders Pam and do check out her entire list here.

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