Sample Domain Registry letter.

It comes in the mail looking official. If you aren't paying attention you might think it is real... but it isn't!

Domain Registry renewal scam!

I get asked why I register clients domains in my name. Let me assure you it isn't because I like the spam! 

When I was brand new to building websites a client came to me for a site rebuild. Great! We worked out the details and I got it done but when it was time to go live I asked for the hosting and domain details and that was when things went sideways. It turned out that they had received a letter from a company that looks legit but isn't and they "renewed" their company domain with them and signed away ownership of their company domain. 

What's the big deal? It's only a few bucks to get another. Well not quite. You see the domain not only linked to their site but we couldn't redirect to the new site and all their literature and advertising had that domain on it. Yes there was the cost of rebranding and reprinting - time + money, but also all the ads out there that would not be linking to their site. 

Since that time if I am responsible for registering a clients domain I put it in my name in trust for my client. That means those scam letters, emails, phone calls come to me to head off rather than to my client who may, while busy, accidentally click on something or pay for signing away their company property. 

Stay safe out there! 

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