Niv Froehlich, Toronto SUP & Kayak

Toronto SUP & Kayak

Alison and AM Graphix have been absolutely outstanding as our web design company for our SUP and Kayak lessons and rentals outfit.

Not only are we very happy with our web site and the service provided by Alison, but we also benefit from a monthly maintenance package through AM Graphix. That means that we have peace of mind knowing that our site is continuously backed-up (and importantly, web site back-ups and restorations are regularly tested!), our site core and extensions are kept up-to-date and security patches are promptly installed. We even get a monthly report confirming the status of backups and updates.

We feel very lucky to have found Alison and AM Graphix and have no hesitation in recommending Alison as our number 1 choice of web designers to work with.

Niv Froehlich

Jo-Anne Jones, Professional Speaker, Dentistry Today Leader

Professional Speaker, Dentistry Today Leader

"Highly recommend this web designer. Creative ideas, attention to detail and listening to what the client wants! Everything you would want to have in someone who is going to be critical to building your business. Thank you Alison of AM Graphix for your dedication." Google Review Jan, 2019 

Jo-Anne Jones, Professional Speaker

Barry Goldstein, Expert on Domestic Violence, Expert Witness

Expert Witness on Domestic Violence

"We are very happy with it (the site). It is a big improvement over what I had even before the malware attack."
Update June 23/21: "Thank you for your work on the website. This has greatly contributed to the increased business which is why I need a partner." 

Barry Goldstein - Expert on Domestic Violence

Stan Jones - President of Canadian Vacuum Trucks & Equipment (Canvac)

Canvac Trucks 

I have been with AM Graphix since I began this business in 2009. The first task was to develop a web site that attracted new customers in a very mature market. It needed to be graphically pleasing, informative and direct. From that...Sturgeon Tank was born. We have now grown into Canadian Vacuum Trucks and Equipment. AM Graphix captured much of what Sturgeon Tank had but incorporated a completely new look...much, much stronger. We now have regular hits and leads from the website which will certainly grow this business to new levels.

Stan Jones

Canadian Vacuum Trucks & Equipment

Daniel Dubois - President of WEB-EAU


"Alison has created my business cards and I am absolutely delighted. Creativity, responsiveness, availability. I recommend AM Graphix."

Daniel Dubois


Read more about the project here!

Wayne Mallows, Author of The Vampyre Tales.

Author of The Vampyre Tales

I would like to throw my support behind my friend, Alison Meeks and her company, AM Graphix. Many of you have seen her here on my Facebook page looking after things when I am too busy to get in here, but beyond that she has a real job. She builds and hosts web sites, and if any of you have seen my web site, you can see what an amazing job she does.

I'd like to ask that if you, or anyone you know, is looking at getting a web site started or perhaps already have one and need it tweaked, she it the woman to do it.

Alison has not only the ability and understanding of how all this magical cyber stuff works, but she will also listen to you and work closely with you to ensure that your ideas become a reality.

Wayne Mallows

Anita Adams - Canada Screens

Canada Screens

"It is my great pleasure to provide a letter of reference who has been working with me and my team at First Weekend Club for several years. In 2014, I contracted Alison to design the website for our Video on Demand service. She quickly understood our objectives and design goals and created an user friendly and attractive site. Over the following years, Alison continued to provide management services for the site, ensuring our content was continuously updated and the site secure. Alison worked well with the First Weekend Club team, took directions and also offered valued input and guidance on best practices that would ensure our visitors had the best possible experience. 
Alison always completed projects on time and within budget, often going beyond the call of duty to meet our tight turn around times. She was easy to work with and got along with everyone. Overall, I was very satisfied with Alison’s work and would recommend her to anyone needing a good web designer."

Anita Adams - Founder & Executive Director, First Weekend Club/Canada Screens was decommissioned in 2019. 

Read more about the project here!

Letter of Reference to AM Graphix from The First Weekend Club

Leigh Richards - The Right Image

The Right Image

"A designer of the highest order - get things done fast and great creativity! A must go to option to consider!"

Leigh Richards - The Right Image, London, UK
Review from Facebook 9/10/2019

Christopher Crane - Odyssey Systems & Solutions

Odyssey Solutions

"I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Alison Meeks, owner and operator of AM Graphix Web Design. I operate an I.T. Support Company for small to medium size businesses which my client rely on not just our support, but our referrals when outsourcing our work that we do not do in house. Web development and Social Media is a component of our company that we outsource and refer to our clients. After using Alison`s company to create, redesign, or maintenance client`s websites, we have had many returning comments on how professional AM Graphix was. Her company's professionalism and creativeness is shown in her work time and time again.

In addition to my I.T Support Company that I operate, I also run a charitable organization, Classics Against Cancer, in which AM Graphix not only created a efficient and graphically appealing website, but also completed within record time. This website has brought our charitable event from slowly collapsing to a new informative and exciting event that is now creating many new avenues of revenue for donating to the Childhood Cancer Society.

Another key to Alison's success is the ability to communicate well with her clients. She grasps concepts and ideas brought by others, often in layman's terms, and responds quickly with feasible implementation models. If she, or someone else, has an idea for a site-enhancing function, she does whatever necessary to learn how to implement it. She not only conducts independent research, but also meets regularly with clients to research, share, and find solutions to various issues that may arise.

I believe you will find AM Graphix and Alison Meeks to be an excellent Web Designer and a strong contributor to any client. I invite you to visit our Website at to preview Alison's work, and I am confident that you will be impressed. Please feel free to contact me at any time if I can be of further help."

Christopher Crane

Odyssey Systems & Solutions
(905) 877-4567

Kathleen Ralph, President/Artist at Calliope's Musing Inc.

Calliope's Musing Inc.

Alison provided our company with an innovative product that far exceeded our expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend her, and we will be using her for our future products as well.

The Art of Kathleen Ralph

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