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Often when I am approached by clients their cards are different from their brochures, from their posters or signs, from their website and from pens/mugs/shirts if they have had them produced. Which version is right? Do they have their files? More importantly, what look do they want to show their clients? 

I work with you to pull all this together at your speed and budget. Let's make a plan and work towards creating a consistent look and message. 


Is your website mobile ready and up to date? In today's busy world if clients are searching it isn't enough to just have a website you have to be found on search engines and your site must be attractive and easy to navigate on their device. If it isn't they will move on to the next site that is.

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Care and feeding of your Joomla! website. Joomla Maintenance and updates is key to keeping your site safe and secure. Do you have a maintenance/updates program in place? AM Graphix can take care of that for you.

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When clients look at your print materials, swag, and signs do they recognise at first glance this is your business? Does your brand carry from your website to your print to your signage and promotional items? When we see the check logo we know it is Nike, or the F for Facebook or little bird for Twitter. Your brand may not be huge like these heavy weights but it is no less important that your advertising dollars be spent wisely ensuring your look is the same across all platforms.

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Social Media - The biggest thing I hear is "I just don't have time!" Running your own business is busy enough never mind keeping your message out there on social media. Social media isn't the "push" marketing we were used to. Push being, Here buy my stuff. Social is what they call "pull" marketing where you build relationships and provide information to your customers and potential customers.

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