How are you managing your social media accounts. Is your branding consistent? Are you even using Social Media? We can get you set up and your brand in place. 

Making sure your brand is consistent and your pages have appropriate graphics and information is important... it's also really confusing. I'll work with you to help decide what channels are right, get them set up, get the graphics in place and coach you on your approach. 

Social media isn't the "push" marketing we were used to. Push being, "Here buy my stuff". Social is what they call "pull" marketing where you build relationships and provide helpful information to your customers and potential customers. Because face it; nobody wants to get non-stop ads from companies they follow. 

In the past business would spend thousands on Yellow Pages and newspaper advertising and while they could say, yes our publication goes to X number of homes you could never tell how many people saw your ad or even read it. Yet we are reluctant to spend the dollars to actively interact with our customers or worse still allow someone's kid to be the face of your company because they are online. 

Let's talk about how I can help with your strategy and give you tips to help you share your message. 

Visit What Clients Are Saying to read reviews from other clients I have partnered with. 

I look forward to working with you to bring your print materials to date and brand together that everyone who views any aspect of your promotion knows instantly it belongs to you.

Other technical questions - check out my FAQ's or drop me a note. 

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