Seasonal graphic - red berries and stars

Thoughts going into 2024

And here we are. Another spin round the sun. 2023 was my 20th year in business. I am so grateful for my clients. Both the ones still with me and those that came and left that taught me lessons along the way. I'm grateful for the wisdom of those who have shared precious insights with me and those who have helped along my path.
I'm grateful for my friends both near and far. Some I hear from on the regular and others now and again. Thank you for your patience and kindness and sense of humour. For your understanding when I'm out of spoons and don't live up to my side sometimes. We all do the best we can with the hand we have been dealt.
And here we go into 2024. And while there is so much wrong happening, take time to enjoy the wonder of things that are magical and special as they are out there as well. Take time for kindness, both to give and appreciate. We all need more of that.

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