Red mailbox over flowing with mail.

Using IMAP and your mailbox is maxing out? 

So you want to use IMAP email so you can pickup your email on your phone or whatever device. Cool right. Sure is but it comes with a price. That price is the responsibility to keep your email space cleaned up OR you host it with Gmail or the like and which for a nominal fee will let you use all the storage and well I'll leave it to you to search how private that is.  
With hosted email when you hit 100% full, any emails coming to you will bounce back to the sender as if your account does not exist. You will get system warnings when you hit 80% and then just before you max out.  

Using POP email saves the email to your own computer and you can save all you want there. IMAP email means managing your space, deleting no longer relevant items, and dumping your trash.  

Tips for managing your email on the server:

  • Empty your trash. Trash, spam, and sent emails count in the use of your space.
  • Delete sales flyers and nonsense spam emails from your inbox and then from the trash. Last weeks sales at the grocery store, that newsletter that keeps coming you didn't sign up for, etc don’t need to eat your space up.
  • Sending photos and such via email? Delete the sent email after as it is a space hog.
  • Important correspondence – create a PDF of the email and save it locally where you keep important documents or project info.

There is no never ending "cloud", just someone else's server space. 

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