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The more I talk to people the more I wonder why on earth would you trust your website to crappy hosting?

Hosting, SSL, Backups and WTF!

So last week I got an email from an educator I follow on social and such. The email was about how their business had a big scare and their site went down, malware, potential lost data, sky is falling start to the message. They went on to talk about how it would be big bux to fix, probably have to have team work on weekend and bad times for clients. Then they realized they had decided go with some expensive deluxe hosting service with backups a few years back and disaster was averted!

To me I'm thinking who the heck has hosting that doesn't have backups? The hosting I provide my clients has always included nightly server backups. Why is this not standard?

It seems last week was enlightening on several points. Another person messaged, they had a big TV boost happening and 3 days prior would I look and see why their sites were so slow. Both were on decent enough hosting so I dug deeper. Bad build practices and worse they were loading YUGE images to the site. Between the poor build and the size of the images they had taken good hosting speed and killed their own site. Heck one site didn't even have a SSL certificate on it (HTTPS) so it showed visitors that it was insecure. (it also affects your Google site status)

Google allows a certain amount of time when scanning your site to show results for search. IF your site is slow then less pages will be scanned and less info from your site will show up on Google. If you are in business that is a really big deal! That doesn't even start to consider what happens when someone is searching personally and come to a slow to load site, and worse when on a mobile device.

Why settle for crappy hosting for your site then pay huge "up" charges for things that should be included. Clients hosting with AM Graphix always get FREE SSL certificates on their sites, the servers are green powered right here in Canada, and the server is backed up every night.

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