Decorative image depicting user frustration. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:

How did it go so wrong!?

I fully expected the long scroll before getting to the recipe since we all know they like to tell a story first and put in a bunch of advertising (gotta pay the bills). What I didn't expect was to have infinite scroll then a carousel of other articles (typical sign the article you came for is done and here are other suggestions) and finding no detailed recipe. After searching the article about five times I posted back on the Facebook page that the actual recipe was missing. 
Several hours later a friend posted a link and screen shot to said recipe. Boy did I ever feel stupid. How could this happen I thought? I looked and looked before ever saying something. 
Ironically there was a quick link to the recipe up top that was so hidden in other garbage it was totally missed as I scrolled up and down the article like 5 times.
Take away: How you layout your article makes a diff for user experience.

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