I'm stoked to be included in the birthday roundup of Favourite #joomla 4 site builds.

Get inspired! 17 Joomlers share 17 Joomla 4 sites: Alison Meeks

I'm stoked to be included in the birthday roundup of Favourite #joomla 4 site builds. This build has a labour of love being the classic car lover I am. While pending client release to go live it had to be shared!

Image showing Pilkey website on various size devices

My site submission is for Pilkey Auto Sales. Pilkey's is celebrating 50 years selling recent model used vehicles as well as classic cars with this new website. It’s also about them getting away from a site system that was very expensive monthly run by a major used vehicle online presence (remaining unnamed). For me this site represents two big loves for me; Classic Cars and Joomla!

The plan was to use a 5 star popular vehicle sales interface extension. Due to reasons I'll not get into - that was derailed and I ended up doing the build using the new gallery feature in Advanced Custom Fields by Tassos and Joomla core custom fields. The client required split listings - no problem for Joomla. The client's previous solution did not do this well at all. 

Hat tip to Pete - you would have loved this one mate!

Image showing vehicle layout page on various size devices

**The spotlight is on the Joomla Community website. You can read the complete article here.

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