Does it seem you get LESS fan engagement with all those new people that "liked" your Facebook page after that ad campaign? You aren't imagining it and here's why. 


Big thanks to Veritasium for this enlightening study on why engagement is down even when your "Likes" are up.

This is very similar to the quick analysis I did for my client Wayne Mallows last year when he was talking about Anne Rice's engagement on her posts. I took two fairly popular posts from each page and after looking at the numbers of people who interacted with the post via comment, like or share vs overall number of FB fans he was getting better engagement with his followers. This seems to be correct since around that same time Anne was expressing frustration with a drop in engagement from her fans as well. 


While we still look for the holy grail of being seen by our fans it seems to me the addage "content is king" still is true. 

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