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I love being able to create or recreate my clients business' online presence. It is so very important for all businesses and professionals to be represented online. Here is what they are saying.

It was quite a thrill when I got this notice from LinkedIN. You can view my LinkedIN profile here LinkedIN


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Christopher Crane

Christopher Crane - Odyssey Systems & Solutions

March 18, 2014

To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Alison Meeks, owner and operator of AM Graphix Web Design & Social Media. I operate an I.T. Support Company for small to medium size businesses which my client rely on not just our support, but our referrals when outsourcing our work that we do not do in house. Web development and Social Media is a component of our company that we outsource and refer to our clients. After using Alison`s company to create, redesign, or maintenance client`s websites, we have had many returning comments on how professional AM Graphix was. Her company's professionalism and creativeness is shown in her work time and time again.

In addition to my I.T Support Company that I operate, I also run a charitable organization, Classics Against Cancer, in which AM Graphix not only created a efficient and graphically appealing website, but also completed within record time. This website has brought our charitable event from slowly collapsing to a new informative and exciting event that is now creating many new avenues of revenue for donating to the Childhood Cancer Society.

Another key to Alison's success is the ability to communicate well with her clients. She grasps concepts and ideas brought by others, often in layman's terms, and responds quickly with feasible implementation models. If she, or someone else, has an idea for a site-enhancing function, she does whatever necessary to learn how to implement it. She not only conducts independent research, but also meets regularly with clients to research, share, and find solutions to various issues that may arise.

I believe you will find AM Graphix and Alison Meeks to be an excellent Web Designer and a strong contributor to any client. I invite you to visit our Website at www.classicsagainstcancer.com to preview Alison's work, and I am confident that you will be impressed. Please feel free to contact me at any time if I can be of further help.

Christopher Crane
Odyssey Systems & Solutions

(905) 877-4567


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