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Barry Goldstein - Website

Barry came to me just for site maintenance as his previous web manager was retiring. What I found taking on the account was that even though the site I inherited was a second site to recover from a previous hack this one hadn't been maintained or protected well and upon doing a site audit found it to be hacked as well. Consulting with the client I heard of many articles and other content not moved from the first site. Reviewing the site beyond being hacked it was dated, didn't tell viewers what he did or how to access his services. It didn't even have contact info.

Barry allowed me to build a new site, remap his content into logical areas for visitor viewing, give him a polished and refined site design, and install some good tools to protect him.

The template used on this site is from Joomla51, also used Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools, Regular Labs Cache Cleaner, Email Protector, and is monitored with myJoomla.

My client is thrilled and writes, "The new site is a huge improvement over any previous site."

Edit: Today I got great news from Barry; "Thank you for your work on the website. This has greatly contributed to the increased business which is why I need a partner." June 23, 2021 is managed by AM Graphix.

You can visit the Barry Goldstein website here and be sure to check out some of their social via the easy links on their website. 



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