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KLASUsers - Website

KLAS came to me via a referral and as you can see from the other post, I did their main website. They then wanted their user site to be done. While it was in a more current version of Joomla it had only been able to be updated so far then was breaking. This posed a security vulnerability as well as functionality they wanted was lacking. The new site was also required to be accessible and we also wanted to keep the look and brand consistent with the new main site. An updated forum (still Kunena but current release styled for easier visibility), and improved search were two main front facing requirements but easier administration for the team managing the content creation and product info updates was the bigger focus here. I could go on but better still I will share the post from the client on the site; 

" has undergone a pretty big redesign & refresh. We added new features & functionality, but also reassessed how we organized content to make it easier to find & use. Some of the most important things to know about the redesign are... "

The KLAS team was a joy to work with. What a great bunch of professionals! 

The template used on this site is custom collaboration with AM Graphix and Joomla51, also used Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools, Kunena forum and comments, ochResponsive images, and some other tools. Hat tip to Troy and Julie for your assistance on this build. content is managed by KLAS and tech is managed by AM Graphix.

You can visit the KLAS website here and be sure to check out some of their social via the easy links on their website. 



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