What would you do if your site was gone? "What's the cost of having my site suddenly go to an 'under construction' page?" What's the monetary value? What's the value of lost reputation?

Take a serious look at your situation and try to come up with a reasonable number. Compare this with the cost of upgrading your site. If the numbers are close, it's probably a good idea to start budgeting. If the cost is significantly higher than upgrading, find the budget now because it's time to start planning!

Planned migration vs emergency migration. It's always better to have a plan. 

The full article talks about Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 but even Joomla 2.5 ended security support December 20, 2014. At the time of this writing I'm building on Joomla 3.9.19 and Joomla 4 is on the horizon. The old versions of Joomla run on PHP 5.6 which ended security support December 2019 and PHP 7.4 is released and is the standard. What does all this mean? In layman's terms the programming is progressing, we demand to view the web on all our devices and we want it to do all the things, fast and securely! Add to that accessibility. Take a look at the Domino's Pizza case where they were sued for millions because their new website (that they paid big bucks for) was not accessibility friendly. They also had to pay another developer to build it again. 

Contact me today to get your website migration and site updates done! 

In this article the versions have changed but the message is the same. (Do take the 2 minutes to read it.)

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