My JoomCast Podcast with Tim Davis and Chetan Madaan. Alison Meeks of AM Graphix.

JoomCast! a podcast about Joomla with Tim Davis and Chetan Madaan. Thanks you guys! It was great to be on your show. Wishing you both much success!  

JoomCast #003 - Chat with Alison Meeks, The Social Media Team Lead at Joomla

Your role with Joomla: Social Media Team Lead, Administrator of the Joomla No Spam Group FB, J Marketing Team Member, J Design Team Member, JET Member

Who is Alison Meeks?
I’m a single Canadian, rock n roller, critter loving, tree hugging, gearhead, Joomla addict.

What is your story with Joomla!?
I had been in business for a few years already when one day at the computer store I was introduced to Joomla by a fellow looking for a designer and all excited about Joomla 1.5. I had no idea that meeting would impact my life and career so much. I continued to work with Joomla and was just about fed up with the design limitations when 2.5 came along, and while it arrived with a wretched migration path for my old sites, it also opened the door to more design freedom. (click to listen the whole podcast)

The interview was May 24, 2019 on JoomCast. You can listen to the podcast here.

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